NOTE The API is currently in an early alpha stage

Email diva-te@kitware.com to provide comments and/or feedback

DIVA provides an Application Programming Interface (API) with the following functionality :

  • Read and Write an experiment file

  • Accessors for kpf annotations associated with the data

  • Iterator iterface for image frames from image_list, video and rtsp stream as specified in the experiment file.

The api is written in C++ with Python bindings to support development in either languages.

Experiment Configuration

The Experiment API reads and writes the file that informs a performer what the inputs are and goals are of and experiment.

The experiment file holds the following data

  • input - A set of properties specifying and describing the input

  • output - A set of properties specifying the location and format for the outputs

  • scoring - A set of properties specifying the experiment baseline data and scoring directives

  • algo - A set of properties for executing and configuring a specific algorithm implementation

The DIVA experiment file, drivers/data/image_experiment.yml will be used in the experiment tutorials.

KPF Evaluation

The KPF Evaluation API consists of several class to read and write KPF packets to files that will be evaluated by the the scoring and evaluation tool.
These classes are intended to be simple data intefaces that can easily be instantiated and populated within a performers application (C++ or Python) to provide a common data format for scoring.


Used to add comments and context to Geometry and Activity files


Describes the detection and tracking of objects in a scene


Provides a classification description associated with Geometry tracks


Describes the detection and tracking of activities in a scene

Frame Provider

The Input Frame API takes the input source, specified in the experiment file, and is able to pull out individual frames on demand.